Free Charity Ads On Atomic Shrimp

Ad space on this site is available to selected charities for free.

Which Charities?

I'll be focusing on charities that concern themselves with tangible human welfare, for example:

  • Child and family welfare
  • Support and nurture of disabled, sick or vulnerable people
  • Care for homeless people
  • Learning and development
  • Human Rights
  • Building and strengthening healthy communities

(That's not to say I won't consider other areas, or that I've thought of everything - so I'll be more than happy to discuss individual cases - just drop me a line via the Contact page)

The Ads

The ads will appear immediately after the content in the side column on most pages. The specific ad shown on any given page will be randomly assigned from the list of participating charities, shuffled every now and again so that everyone gets fair exposure.

The adverts will consist of an image 220 pixels wide and about 80 pixels tall (with a little flexibility on the height to achieve best fit for logos etc), linked to a page on the advertising charity's website.

freeads.pngThat's a box this size - big enough to catch the eye and promote the cause; compact enough that I can drop it easily into any and every page.

How It Works

The advertising charity can provide a suitable ad image, or (only with the advertiser's prior consent and final approval) I may be able to create a suitable ad image using graphics from their website.


If you work for, are connected with, or know of a suitable charity organisation that might benefit from participating in this scheme, please don't hesitate to contact me via the Contact page.

Why Am I Doing This?

I'm doing it because I can. It costs me almost nothing to give away that little bit of space on the page - so why not?

If you're reading this and you have a website or blog of your own, why not do the same?  - Maybe for a different category of charities close to your heart.

Is it Really Free?

Yes, it's free and I will not charge for these ads - not now - not ever. For the (indefinite)duration of the scheme, the ads will remain free. This is not a loss leader, hook or other similar marketing subterfuge - that's a promise.

Faith-Based Charities

A neutral policy applies - ALL charities predominantly focused on tangible human welfare are welcome, regardless of any (or no) affiliation or background. - for the purpose of what we're trying to achieve here, it doesn't matter either way - only actions and outcomes matter.

Participating Charities

The following charities are already included in the Atomic Shrimp free advertising scheme:

Published on Thursday, January 8, 2015 by Mike