The Dream Kitchen Of Tomorrow

dreamkitchenthumbml8.jpgThis is one of my first video projects - from the days before Atomic Shrimp. It's made from clips of public domain film from the Moving Images library at, plus a (badly)remixed version of Dream Kitchen by Frazier Chorus.

About The Video

It has no real point, so don't try too hard to understand it - I really only made it to familiarise myself with the video editing software I was trying out at the time.


Before, during or after the video(s) embedded in this page, the player may display advertisements or links to additional videos - these are not affiliated to Atomic Shrimp and the selection is something over which I have no control.


1. On Friday, March 8, 2013, 21:41 by Bluefish

Dream kitchen... dream chicken... kitchens of the future... chickens of the future...

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