A Quiz Scoreboard Database

quizthumb.jpgNovember 2013 - Not the usual Atomic Shrimp fare, but this is just a little Microsoft Access DB I made for managing and displaying quiz scores.

What Is It?

It's a small MS Access database application for keeping scores in a quiz comprising 8 rounds plus bonus (although it could be easily modified for other purposes). It's neither especially clever nor elegant, but I've found it useful.

What You Get

The Scoreboard is a display-only form that you can drag to a second monitor visible to players (ideally a projector screen) - on this form, the per-round and total scores for each team are displayed, and the teams are automatically sorted in descending order of total score.

Jokers for each team are highlighted in yellow (if Jokers are used - this is for teams to each choose in advance one round - usually their strongest subject - and have the score doubled).


Meanwhile, on the other display screen, the judges or quizmaster maintains the scores via the score control form.

This presents the team names and a score grid, with buttons to quickly sort by team name (for ease of score entry) or descending order of total score (for announcements). There's also a button to toggle the visibility of the scoreboard display - so it can be hidden while score entry for a round is in progress.


And that's it. Simple but proven effective.

Terms Of Use

This software is released under the Creative Commons 'CC0' (Public Domain) Licence. You are free to redistribute with or without modification or attribution. Do whatever you want with it.

How To Get It

It's free, downloadable from the link below in a zip file (along with a PDF quick guide on usage).

Right-click here and 'Save Target As' to download the file.

System Requirements

A PC with Microsoft Access 2003 or later. It may also be possible to run this using the free Microsoft Access Runtime, but I have not tested this.

Recommended for use with dual screen display - i.e. one desktop screen and a projector - with the desktop extended (not mirrored/duplicated).

Software, From Atomic Shrimp?

This is pretty much a one-off, I think - just something I already made (quite a while ago), but recently decided to release into the wild. I don't intend to make a habit of it.