The Tower That Built Itself

DSCI0059__6_.JPGStarting with a few hundred pieces of assorted K'Nex, this tower built itself before my very eyes!

About The Video

Oh, the truth? - Are you sure?

OK... Starting with a tower built from a few hundred pieces of assorted K'Nex, I took single photos, removing one piece between each frame - eventually dismantling the tower completely - then stitched the frames together into a film and reversed it in order to make it look like it was being built (it's just easier to do in reverse, as I didn't have to plan exactly what components would be required).

About K'Nex

K'NEX is a popular construction toy in the same genre as LEGO and Meccano. It consists of connectors and rods that are colour coded: K'NEX rods come in a range of lengths, each length being a distinct color.

The rods and connectors snap or clip together easily into grid-like frameworks - allowing structures of impressive size and/or complexity to be quickly constructed


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