Geo-Graffiti - Walking The Dog - And A Walk In The Park

walkingthedogthumb.jpgThis is an experiment in Geo-graffiti - that is, leaving my mark on the Earth without actually leaving a mark.

This one is called 'Walking The Dog', because I walked a 2.5 mile path that sketched out the shape of a dog.

The Theory

Most mobile phones nowadays contain GPS functionality - so I downloaded an app for my Android Phone, called OpenGPS - this records the movement of the device and outputs the data in a number of common formats, including KMZ, which is compatible with Google's mapping products.

The notion is to find a route that, when traced (or indeed viewed from space), draws a picture. This turned out to be a lot harder than it sounds, but I eventually located a suitable route in Southampton.

Walking The Dog

So here it is...

Tip your head to the left to see it. I think it's a Giant Schnauzer perhaps.

Now, obviously, it's not perfect - it's difficult to draw a picture when the pen is constrained like this, so please don't tell me the nose is too pointy, or that the tail is weird - I know.

The above map is interactive (so you can zoom out and scroll to see it in larger context, or overlay the route on the satellite imagery, etc). If you want to download the KMZ file to view in Google Earth, here's a link.

Experiment 2 - A Walk In The Park

An Attempt to perform Geo-graffiti writing. The result is a bit wobbly as overhanging trees and heavy rain clouds were interfering with GPS accuracy.


I've got a few ideas for more of these, but will welcome any suggestions - especially if they can be named in a way that makes sense in its own right (like 'Walking The Dog').