Raspberry Jam Vodka

raspberryjamvodkathumb.JPGJune 2014 - This is an experiment I've had in mind to try for a while now - a potentially very quick and easy way to make fruit flavoured liqueur, at any time of year.

The Theory

raspberryjamvodka1.JPGMaking fruit-flavoured liqueur is fairly simple in theory - regardless whether it's sloe gin, or anything else - you need fruit, sugar and some kind of alcoholic spirit.

These ingredients are then mixed together and left to steep for a while so that the flavours of the fruit can be drawn out and infused into the liquid - but the fruit needs to be crushed or broken - which is messy and time consuming - and the infusion process may take months.

Fruit flavoured Liqueurs

This is something that crossed my mind a while back when I was sitting preparing sloes for making sloe gin - a drink that I do enjoy making and consuming - so not really too bad a chore.

But I just got to wondering if there was another way to make a tasty fruity drink without too much fuss, and maybe without the season-criticality that comes with liqueurs made from fresh fruit.

raspberryjamvodka2.JPGThe shortcut we're trying here is to take fruit that has already been processed and mixed with sugar - in the form of jam.

This should not only cut down on the preparation time, but also the time taken to infuse - because the fruit is already substantially broken up and the flavour components are in solution - albeit a thick, spreadable solution.


It really couldn't be simpler - a 450g jar of raspberry jam and a 75cl bottle of vodka put together into a clean, empty litre bottle, capped and shaken to dissolve the jam, then left for the solids to settle out.

Here's a short video detailing the whole process:

The Result

The end result is a beautifully crystal clear ruby-coloured liqueur that tastes not just of raspberries, but has that delicious sweet dessert aroma of raspberry jam.

Not too sweet or syrupy - so enjoyable on its own, but probably also nice diluted with a little soda water or tonic, or used as the basis of a cocktail.




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1. On Monday, June 16, 2014, 20:03 by Amanda

That looks absolutely yummy! Thanks for doing the video on it. Hearing you enjoy it and describing the flavors made me want to join you for a glassQuick question, how do you plan on storing it (assuming any will be left in the bottle?' once everything

2. On Monday, June 16, 2014, 20:52 by Mike (For Atomic Shrimp)

It should be quite stable once it's settled out and should store OK for months at least - especially if kept in a dark place. I expect it will get used up with some good friends before that point, however.

3. On Thursday, May 14, 2015, 21:12 by Ahmagahz

Made something similar while acually making jam. The pectin enriched sugar gave it a wonderfully thick feel and it was, as you mention, fantastic with a mixer. Couldn't speak to storage, it was gone in a flash!

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