Spammy Dodgers

spammydodgersthumb.jpgThis is a food experiment borne out of wordplay as much as anything else - two-layered Spam fritters inspired by the popular Jammie Dodgers biscuit...

spammydodgers2.jpgI started, obviously, with a tin of Spam.  Guaranteed 90% meat!

spammydodgers4.jpgCutting the Spam down its longest axis, I got 4 generous slices out of a standard tin.

The trimmings won't go to waste - I put these on a plate in the fridge and someone will just have to assemble a jigsaw if they want them in a sandwich.

spammydodgers3.jpgI made a simple batter out of one egg and a few tablespoons of self-raising flour - just enough flour to make a thickish, clingy mixture.

spammydodgers5.jpgI dipped the Spam slices in the batter and shallow-fried them.

After flipping them over, some  voids were evident in the batter, so I brushed some more mixture into the holes and flipped again to fry them off.

spammydodgers6.jpgOnce they were cooked, I punched out a heart-shaped hole in two of the four fritters.

spammydodgers7.jpgI spread a thin layer of cheese spread on the bottom layer fritter, then added the top one and filled in the heart shaped hole with tomato ketchup.

All done. So here they are: Spammy Dodgers!




spammydodgers9.jpgThe idea for this experiment came of course from the popular Jammie Dodger biscuit - two thin layers of shortbread-style biscuit stuck together with chewy jam that shows through the heart shaped hole in the middle of the top layer.