Red Hot Knife vs Steak

I've been watching a number of 'Red Hot Knife vs Something' videos that have been trending lately - and it struck me that they all seem a bit... wasteful.

So here's the Atomic Shrimp take - Red Hot Knife vs Steak. 

My idea was to take a nice piece of quality steak, season it, then cut it at the table with a red hit knife - each slice getting cooked and seared as it's cut - and it actually worked! - Here's a video detailing the whole process:

What Was It Like?

Well, in all honesty, although it was nice - and I do like my steak rare, it wasn't quite as nice as a whole steak, seared and cooked rare in a hot pan.  The reason for this is that when a whole steak is cooked, even rare, it's left to rest for a few minutes after cooking - and this allows the juices to develop - that didn't happen in my hot knife version.

So it was insteresting, and I'm very glad I did it, but it wasn't very practical.


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