PRANG! is a brand new retro-style game - Play PRANG!


PRANG! started out life as a joke - in one of my scambaiting videos, a scammer accused me of 'playing prang of the transaction' (I think they meant 'playing pranks') - In my video, I turned this into a little mockup of an 8 bit video game; you can see that at around the 2:40 timestamp in this video:

Much, much later, it occurred to me that I could make PRANG! into a real game - and here it is!


None of this would have been possible without the coding skills of GameGeek3 on, who coded this game from my sketchy design and game rules.

The music for the game comes from the album Dunes At Night from, comprising:the three tracks: Secret Treehouse, A Calmer Day and Boink - the composer also has a YouTube channel here.

Playing PRANG!

Click the big ol' button below to open PRANG! in a new tab or window

Instructions are inside the game, but in a nutshell:

You're PRANG (a yellow octopus thing).  Click or tap somewhere on the screen to make PRANG go there in a straight line

  • Collect food items for points
  • You can't go through the obstacles (green trucks)
  • The pink umbrella is a powerup - it gives you 15 seconds during which you move faster and can destroy enemies (for points), but if you hit an obstacle during powerup, you lose a life
  • The enemies (each named for a different scammer I have baited) all have different behaviours; some of them chase you; some move randomly; some can traverse walls; some can destroy the same food you are collecting

As the game progresses, obstacles get more numerous, as do enemies, who get faster; food gets more scarce


Want to make your own version or implementation of PRANG!?  You Can!

Creative Commons Licence
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You are free to remix, adapt and reuse this game - do what you like with it - for free or for profit, but please recognise and attribute the people who have already worked on this (see credits section above), and share what you create freely.

Download the full source and assets here