More Plastic Moulding - Re-Making A Missing Handle

plasticmoulding4thumb.jpgHere's another plastic moulding project - this time, to make a new handle for a broken horn serving ladle.

plasticmoulding4_1.jpgHere's the object I started with - it's a serving ladle made from shaped cow horn.

It originally had a wooden handle, attached by a slender dowel, but this broke off.

plasticmoulding4_2.jpgAnd here's the finished object, complete with remanufactured handle.

The handle is made from about 200g of recycled HDPE - sourced from plastic milk and shampoo bottles, plus an assortment of bottled tops thrown in for extra colour.

The new handle is built on a metal post that is glued securely into the drilled-out original dowel hole - hopefully this new handle won't snap off quite so easily.


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1. On Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 04:14 by Brad

Best yet! Awesome video thank you

2. On Thursday, January 30, 2014, 17:06 by Guille

Cool stuff. Thanks for teachingGreetings from Lima :-);

3. On Wednesday, December 31, 2014, 16:09 by Steve Carroll

This really shows promise. You've inspired me no endI intend to give this a go, making small turning blanks for a woodturning lathe.At the very least, finial blanks etc, and maybe some moulded rough bowl blanks to finish-turn on the lathe.Thank you ver

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