The Stuffed-Est Crust Pizza


Stuffed crust pizza normally only has a ring of stuffing around the edge - I wanted to take that a bit further - so I made this - the Stuffed-All-The-Crust Pizza. The Stuffed-est of crusts.

The Idea

It started, as many of my other (and larger) projects do - quite randomly and at the wrong end.  I bought a 1 kilo jar of enormous hotdog sausages, without much idea of how I would use them - then I started thinking about making a stuffed crust pizza using all of them - but laid end to end, it would be far too big a pizza to go in the oven.

I decided to sandwich them between two thin pizza crusts, but somehow thread them through the whole of the crust, not just the rim.  On removing them from the jar, I noticed they had a natural curve in them, from the way they were packed, so it was easy to arrange them into a decorative swirl - although they still protruded off the edge!


The Dough

The dough was just a batch of my regular bread dough - you can find the recipe here - except this time, I used half wholemeal flour and half white.

I kept the toppings fairly simple (the meat is inside the pizza) - so it was just finely chopped onion (because onions go with hot dogs) and red pepper, plus cheese.  A lot of cheese.

The Pizza

Here's a short video detailing the construction of this monstrosity:


The Result

It was actually very tasty - the bits of sausage that were sticking out went crispy - the bits embedded in the base stayed plump and juicy - which was a nice contrast.

This was a tasty pizza.  I'm thinking it could work well for picnics, as the toppings don't fall off.

Even Stuffed-Er?

Maybe this isn't the stuffed-est crust at all.  Maybe we can go further (although, if we do, isn't that just calzone?)