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Semolina Macaroons

Semolina Macaroons

Here's a quick, simple recipe for light, delicate soft semolina cookies that melt in the mouth.

beech leaves

Beech Leaves

May 2010 - I went out for a walk - chiefly to enjoy the bluebells, but I came home with a bag full of beech leaves, to try making beech leaf gin.



August 2011 - My attempt to home-grow cereal crops on a small scale is not going altogether as well as I had hoped, so I've supplemented my meagre harvest by going out gleaning.

Latest Lost Gloves

Found glove No. 577:

2010/12/05 - Black 'thinsulate' - Botley

Welcome to Atomic Shrimp

I hope you'll find a diverse and interesting range of content on this site - including woodworking, electronic, art and craft projects, found objects, recipes and other food-related stuff (particularly food that can be had for free), also graphics, animation, video and audio.

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Lardy Cake

Bacon Topped Lardy Cake

April 2014 - This is a recipe for Lardy Cake, with a difference - it's topped with a crunchy mix of sugar and crispy, salty bacon.

Cray-con - Bacon Coloured Crayon!

Cray-con - Bacon Coloured Crayon!

April 2014 - Colouring by numbers - Ho Hum. Colour this part red. Colour this part blue. Colour this part bacon. What?

We've all been there - right? - well, now there's a way to colour things in bacon without all that tedious hand-drawing of bacon rasher texture - introducing Cray-con - the bacon coloured crayon.

Moth And Lightbulb Automaton

Moth And Lightbulb Automaton

March 2014 - I love moths, but there are times of the year when they are seldom seen.

To make up for this shortfall, I decided I will make a fluttering moth automaton.

Bronze Effect Book

Bronze Effect Book

March 2014 - Another pocket notebook makeover - this time, I wanted to create the effect of a panel of cast, burnished bronze with an ornate organic design of vines and tendrils.

Steak And Kidney Pie

Steak And Kidney Pie - The Ultimate Pie!

February 2014 - I love pies, and the very best of pies (in my opinion) is a Steak and Kidney pie.

Here's how I make the perfect, rich, meaty filling for this, the King of Pies!

Atomic Shrimp FREE Charity Ads

FREE Charity Ads

Some of the ad space on this site is available to human welfare charities for free - If you have connections with a non-profit organisation that might be interested, please take a look.

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