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June 2010 - we took a day trip to Lulworth cove - the sea is beautifully clean and clear here, making it a good place to forage for shellfish. Let's try eating limpets...



December 2010 - In the last few days of this year, I decided to make use of some Juniper berries that I picked whilst on holiday in Scotland back in the summer.

The Return Of The Snow Pea

The Return Of The Snow Pea

I never meant to let it happen, but my home-built boat - The Snow Pea - languished in my garage for almost two years

It's high time that was put right - I'm preparing for a late summer/early autumn trip.

Latest Lost Gloves

Found glove No. 577:

2010/12/05 - Black 'thinsulate' - Botley

Welcome to Atomic Shrimp

I hope you'll find a diverse and interesting range of content on this site - including woodworking, electronic, art and craft projects, found objects, recipes and other food-related stuff (particularly food that can be had for free), also graphics, animation, video and audio.

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Blackberry Fool

Blackberry Fool

September 2014 - The blackberries seem a bit late this year, but now they're here, they're fantastic!

Let's make something that really shows off their delicious flavour and aroma - Blackberry Fool.

Penny Bun Mushroom - AKA Cep, Porcini

Penny Bun Mushroom - AKA Cep, Porcini

September 2014 - The Penny Bun Mushroom (also known as Cep or Porcini) is possibly the most highly sought wild mushroom - I've picked it many times in the past, but for some reason, haven't written about it here, until now.

Beefsteak Fungus - Revisited

Beefsteak Fungus - Revisited

Last time I found Beefsteak Fungus (which was also the first time I found it), I wasn't able to collect it.

On a foraging walk in the New Forest in September 2014, I found a nice young specimen - and this time, I took it home and cooked it.

Hanging Clip-Top Storage Jar

Hanging Clip-Top Storage Jar

September 2014 - Here's a fun little project to convert an empty instant coffee jar into a storage jar with a wire clip top - using a wire coat hanger.

When I was thinking the design through, it occurred to me that it might be useful/fun to preserve the coat hanger hook and make this into a jar that can be hung up on a hook, for example, under a shelf.

Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet

September 2014 - On a footpath through the middle of a cornfield, I grabbed a random ear of grass from the field margin and noticed that the seeds were quite large - which made me wonder if they could be harvested and eaten.

The grass turned out to be Foxtail Millet.

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FREE Charity Ads

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