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Crispy Potato Wedges

Crispy Jacket Potato Wedges

These crispy spiced potato wedges make an excellent alternative to fries

This oven-baked recipe is low-fat, gluten-free and really simple to make

Fish Pie

Fiercely Fishy Pie

Fish Pie is a classic British dish - but some examples of it will have you hunting for traces of the main ingredient.

This one is designed as the antidote to mediocre fish pie - so it's crammed with four different kinds of fish, and lots of it - I'm calling it Fiercely Fishy Pie



April 2011 - we're in Minehead, Somerset, and there is a great abundance of a wild food I've often seen, but the time or season hasn't been right to give it a try, but this time, it's fresh and available - it's Alexanders

Latest Lost Gloves

Found glove No. 577:

2010/12/05 - Black 'thinsulate' - Botley

Welcome to Atomic Shrimp

I hope you'll find a diverse and interesting range of content on this site - including woodworking, electronic, art and craft projects, found objects, recipes and other food-related stuff (particularly food that can be had for free), also graphics, animation, video and audio.

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Drink Can Tinwork - Metal Sign

Drink Can Tinwork - Metal Sign

July 2014 - Another project with embossing sheet metal cut from discarded drink cans - this time, to make an embossed metal sign

The Solent Shore - Lepe Beach

Exploring The Solent Shore - Lepe Beach

The sixth in a series of articles, exploring the Solent shoreline - This one looks at Lepe Beach.

Raspberry Jam Vodka

Raspberry Jam Vodka

June 2014 - This is an experiment I've had in mind to try for a while now - a potentially very quick and easy way to make fruit flavoured liqueur, at any time of year.

More Drink Can Tinwork - Star-Shaped Box

More Drink Can Tinwork - Star-Shaped Box

More tinwork fun with drink cans. This time for a star-shaped box with a convex profile - the design is still a bit half-baked, but I'm putting it online in case anyone wants to experiment with it.

Updated in June 2014 with answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Drink Can Tinwork.

Pavlova Pops

Experimental Recipe - Pavlova Pops

May 2014 - This is a bit of an experiment to see if it's possible to make Pavlova in bite-sized form, on a stick.

Atomic Shrimp FREE Charity Ads

FREE Charity Ads

Some of the ad space on this site is available to human welfare charities for free - If you have connections with a non-profit organisation that might be interested, please take a look.

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