Reed Corn Dolly

reedcorndollythumb.jpgTraditional corn dolly making uses stalks of wheat or barley, but anything else long and flexible enough should work - I used five stalks of common rush (Juncus effusus) to make this.

Five Stalks

It is possible to make these with other numbers of stalks - 4 stalks will give a more angular look. 3 stalks doesn't work - it's just the same as braiding/plaiting. More than 5 stalks gives a rounder, more bulbous result, but if you use too many, it becomes hard to knot them at the start - and difficult to keep them all radially organised properly.

Only One Thing To Do

These really are very easy to make - there's only one operation to remember - you take the last reed you crossed, then cross it over the next two reeds, then repeat.

Whenever I go out walking and find suitable rushes, I like to make these and leave them on top of rocks, fenceposts, tree stumps and other places where people will discover them.


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