Bacon-Battered Chicken Nuggets

baconbatteredchickenthumb.jpgThis is an experimental recipe to infuse bacon into a coating for pieces of fried chicken.

baconbatteredchicken2.jpgI Started witb 4 rashers of trimmed smoked back bacon - I put them in the food processor and chopped them until they had a fine texture similar to sausagemeat.

baconbatteredchicken3.jpgNext, I added an egg, 4 tablespoons of flour and about 6 tablespoons of milk and blended it again until fully mixed.

baconbatteredchicken4.jpgThe result is a thickish, doughy paste.  Not exactly beautiful in this state though.

I cut some chicken breasts into chunks and spooned over the bacon-batter mix, then stirred it together to coat the pieces.

I fried the pieces in vegetable oil for about 8 minutes on each side, until nicely browned


The bacon-battered chickent nuggets were delicious.  The bacon adds just about the right level of seasoning to the chicken, so there is no need to add salt.